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Save Gas & Money By Making Your Vehicle More Fuel-Efficient
Gas prices are always inconsistent, but one thing you can always count on is Serra Honda Grandville. We want to help you save gas and money by making you and your vehicle more fuel-efficient. To get you started, our amazing service team has gathered the best fuel-saving tips:

Be aware of your driving style. By paying attention to simple things like your speed and braking, you can turn around your fuel-efficiency. Avoid driving over 60mph, braking fast, and quickly accelerating to get the most our of your gas tank. These easy changes can lower your highway gas mileage by 33% and your city mileage by 5%.

Give your engine some love. Making sure your engine gets the attention it needs, with oil changes and such, will tremendously improve your fuel-efficiency. If you're having serious engine problems, your mileage will actually increase up to 40% after it's fixed. Also, with something as simple as using your vehicle manufacturer's recommended grade of oil, you'll increase your gas mileage by 1%-2%, which may not seem like much, but a little can go a long way.

Keep an eye on your tires' air pressure. You can check you tires' pressure by using a tire gauge; we recommend that you always have one in your glove box. If you keep your tires inflated properly, you're increasing your fuel efficiency by 3.3%, and every little but counts.

Multi-tasking is your friend. Make a list of all the errands you need to run during the day, and then do them all in one trip. By completing all your tasks in one trip, rather than a lot of small ones, you'll lower your distance traveled, which in return lowers your fuel usage.

The Serra Honda Grandville Service Team is Here to Help

These gas-saving tips will definitely give you a good start to becoming more fuel-efficient, but there are other things that our team of service experts can do for you too. Having a professional service technician perform routine maintenance and checkups will ensure that your vehicle functions the absolute best it can, and in return will give you more miles to the gallon. There are plenty of services our service team can take care of like tire rotations, oil changes, brake inspections, and more. Feel free to give us a call at (866) 574-4228 if you have any other service related questions. If you need to schedule a service, use our online form.