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Know How to Spot a Worn Suspension With Help From the Serra Honda Grandville Service Center

The key responsibility of your suspension system is to keep you in control with all four tires firmly touching the ground when you drive. There are a few things that can wear your suspension system, one being your driving style, and another being the amount you drive. A lot of different components make up your suspension system like struts, shocks, and coil springs just to name a few. When any part of your suspension system gets worn, your wheel alignment and tires are being affected too. There are numerous signs that one or two parts of your suspension are worn down. Take a look at the signs below, and if any of these occur in your vehicle, you should schedule an appointment at our Serra Honda Grandville Service Center as soon as possible.

The Signs of a Worn Suspension:
  • Vehicle shakes while driving
  • Lots of bouncing when driving
  • Tires wear unevenly
  • Steering wheel is difficult to return to center position
  • Too much play in steering wheel
  • Cupped tire wear
  • Ride is rough, unstable, or uncontrollable
The Serra Honda Grandville Service Center Can Help Your Suspension System

Get your suspending back in control by bringing your vehicle into the Serra Honda Grandville Service Center today. We'll determine which parts of your suspension system are worn, and replace what is needed. Our service experts will have your vehicle running its best in no time. Make your appointment with our Service Center today if any of these signs occur. We're happy to take care of our customers in the West Michigan communities of Grandville, Grand Rapids, Hudsonville, Wyoming, Kentwood, Holland, and Byron Center. Fill out our form online or give us a call at (866) 574-4228.