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Learn How to Spot Battery Problems With Advice From the Serra Honda Grandville Service Experts

Your car battery's main function is to provide energy to any electrical components throughout your vehicle, such as your lights, heat, and radio. However, if your battery doesn't work, your vehicle will not work either. There are a few indicators that will tell you that your battery is dead or not working properly. The first one would be your engine light coming up on your dashboard. Other signs to look out for include vehicle accessories malfunctioning, a slow cranking when your engine starts up, dim lights, or a rotten egg smell. If any of these occur, we advise you come into the Serra Honda Grandville Service Center for a battery inspection. Schedule an appointment for a battery inspection with us online, or by calling us at (866) 574-4228.

The Best Tips for Extending Your Battery Life

Keep your battery case clean. Every month, look under the hood and check for any grime or rust on your battery casing. If you let dirt collect on your battery for a long period of time, it will lose charge.

Know you battery-charging rate. When you come into our service center, ask a technician to check your battery-charging rate. If you need to charge your car battery, make sure you don't overcharge or undercharge, it may cause damage to the battery and void the warranty.

Drive you car consistently. Letting your vehicle sit for a long period of time can start to depreciate your battery. To keep everything in your vehicle running smoothly, we suggest driving your car consistently even if it is only a few times around the block every few days.

Try not to drain your battery's charge. When you exit your car, make sure all your electronics are unplugged and your lights are turned off. If you keep these things running, you could decrease your battery's charge considerably.