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The Service Experts at Serra Honda Grandville Show You How to Spot Worn Brakes

Your safety is very important to us at Serra Honda Grandville, and your brakes are the most crucial safety feature on your vehicle. Keeping up on your brake maintenance not only keeps you safe, but your passengers and other drivers on the road too. If your brakes haven't been at the top of your to-do list, now is the time to put them there. Come into the Serra Honda Grandville Service Center today to get them inspected or repaired if any of these damaging signs occur:
  • Stepping on the brake pedal causes loud squealing or grinding
  • Your brake pedal feels "spongy" or becomes difficult to press
  • The steering wheel vibrates when pressing on the brake pedal
  • There are metal flakes or rust peeling off your brakes
  • Your rotors show scratches and/or gouges
  • The brake system warning light shows up on your dashboard
If any of the warning signs occur, we advise you to come into the Serra Honda Grandville Service Center as soon as you can. Schedule an appointment with our service experts online or by giving us a call at (866) 574-4228. Our certified technicians will be able to take the proper care your vehicle needs, whether it's inspecting, fixing, or replacing your brakes.

The Best Tips to Have Your Brakes Last Longer

Try to speed as little as possible. Avoid braking from high speeds, and especially braking fast from a high speed as it causes more energy and heat, which wears and tears on your brakes.

Use your right foot only when using the brake pedal. Some use their right foot on the gas and left foot on the brake. If you have this habit, try using only your right foot for both pedals. Using your left foot causes unnecessary tapping on the brakes, which causes them to wear faster.

Coast away! If you have a long distance to sop, for example, a freeway exit ramp, coast to a stop rather than slamming on the brakes right away. This will put you at a lower speed before you have to apply the brakes, and then your brakes don't have to put in as much energy to stop your vehicle.

Get rid of excessive weight. The more weight you have in your car, the more work your brakes need to put in to stop your vehicle. If you're trying to loose extra weight in your car, start in your trunk or backseat. No only does the weight of your vehicle affect you brakes though, it's harder on your gas tank and tires too.